Encrypted Notepad
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Create highly encrypted RTF-formatted text documents and ZIP-files.
Manage these ZIP-files and keep them synchronised with your clouds.

NSA grade encryption

In the U.S. AES-256 is approved for state documents with the highest level of confidentiality. Now you can use it, too.

Own file format

To identify your Encrypted Notepad files we introduce ENC (encrypted RTF-files) and ENA (encrypted ZIP-files).

Easy text formatting

Encrypted Notepad contains fancy text editing tools: e.g. lists, images, fonts, styles and more. Some office feelings.

Quick ZIP/ENA functions

If you want to quickly encrypt a prepared zip file or decrypt an ENA for later use, do not have to open them.

Powerful Archive Manager

Encrypted Notepad contains a powerful archive manager which lets you manage your encrypted ENAs fast, easy and secure.

Save Password, Warn if saving unencrypted

You can save a default password (which is a security risk) and enable warnings if you are going to save a file unencrypted.

Keep track of your files

See your last opened/ edited documents and archives in the hub. So you can quickly find your last used files.

Cloud Sync

Back-up and synchronize (last edited file overrides old one) your tracked files in a local directory, which belongs to cloud service.

Desktop version
target Windows
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Support the development

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