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Nov20 - Security Upgrade

All our software that offers to encrypt data have been equipped with a comprehensive security update in the course of a new version.

The former encryption via AES-256-CBC (some times with static IVs) is replaced by a modified encryption algorithm. The encryption still runs via AES-256-CBC, but a hash has been integrated to ensure the accuracy of the data.
This combines the error tolerance, compatibility (.NET Framework does not support GCM) and performance of CBC with the important data validation of GCM in order to achieve the safest possible result.

The change makes the data much better protected, but downwards compatibility of Fast File Encrypter v1.1 (mobile and dekstop) with v1.0 is not possible. Similarly, the package manager only supports the new encryption.

Therefore, we ask you to decrypt all data on a secure PC with the old versions, then update the versions and encrypt the data again. Of course you can use the same passwords.

You can also use our tool "EncConverter" to convert your files in batchs or to open files from other people, who did not updated their software, yet. Download EncConverter from MEGA!

Data security is a core concern of this group and as soon as this is possible we will also offer other optional encryption methods. Of course, new released software will be equipped with this new encryption algorithm, too.


Party Box
Your cross platform party-games solution.
Encrypted Notepad (& Package Manager)
AES-256 encrypted RTF notepad and package manager (zip) for Windows.
Fast File Encrypter
AES-256 file encrypter for Android and Windows (based on Encrypted Notepad).
All available applications are listed in our portfolio!

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